First a quick intro about this site: We are your go to source for all things to do with the art of book folding. You can purchase pre-made patterns and custom patterns from us. You can also buy and even sell custom folded books here. And of course for the diy-er you can learn the art yourself with free book folding patterns with tons of written and video tutorials to enjoy this art as much as we do.

Now a bit about book folding or folded book art: It is an art all unto itself. A form of origami that takes a book and turns it into a piece of visual art. Usually using words, numbers or silhouette pictures as a template to create the folded art. There are many ways to achieve this beautiful art. And what we do here is appreciate all of it. From the simple to the complex creations.

And finally the wrap up: So on the technical side Wikipedia refers to book folding as a category of “altered books”. But for those that create, buy and sell this form of book art we know it simply as book folding. How long have people been turning books into pieces of visual art? Your guess is as good as ours. But what we do know is that re-purposing or up-cycling a book and turning it into a work of visual art is cool and very therapeutic for many (including us). And the art of book folding is something someone of any age can enjoy. Please enjoy our site and learn, buy and sell with us.

And remember these make great gifts for any occasion (such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby Showers, Mother and Father’s day, Christmas, and more).

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