Back to School Easy Craft Idea for kids to make

Hey guys, in this post I will be showing you how to make these cute little mini notebooks for back to school now this is how it looks like from the front, and when you open it up on the inside, you have eight pages to work with.

Now, I’ll show you how to make a 16-page version of this, as well.

These are great for just, you know, slipping into your purse or backpack and I hope you guys enjoythis tutorial so to make the mini notebook, you needone sheet of cardstock the one that I’m holding here is 4.

75inches by 2.

5 inches you need a sheet of paper that is eight-and-a-half by eight and a half inches, and this is just regular copy paper that’s pastel colored you need a stapler and also some staples,or needle and thread, or sewing machine depending on how you want to bind your book over here, and you also need a pair of scissors to cut the pages.

The first thing you’re going to do, is to divide your piece of paper into 16 equal parts so you’re going to accomplish that by first folding the square piece of paper in half lengthwise, like this crease that in unfold take this bottom side over here and fold it along the horizontal center crease rotate the unit and repeat at the other side then you going to unfold the two folds that you just made.

Rotate the unit so that the creases are vertical.

Then you’re going to fold it in half horizontally just as you did earlier with the otherside so increase you’re going to crease that in unfold.

Fold up to meet the horizontal center crease, and crease that in rotate and repeat in the other direction alright, after that you’re going to unfold the two folds you just made and you notice that you have a four by four grid or 16 equal parts.

So next, I’m going to draw in the cuts that you’re going to make, so I’m going to take a Sharpie, over here, so you guys can see.

And basically, you’re going to cut from this corner of this grid over here, all the way, like that.

Then you’re going to cut from here all the way down to here, and then you’re going to cut from here all the way up to this point over her.

Okay? so now I’m going to take my paper scissors and do just that so I’m going to cut along these lines that I just drew After that, your sheet of paper should look like this It should look like the letter “M” if you spread it apart.

So now you’re going to take this bottom right hand corner over here and you’re going to fold it up, like that Then you’re going to fold this next fold, over here back like this fold it up and then when you hit this turn over here, you’re going to fold it back front back you’re just going to continue this pattern until you reach the end so we’re going to fold forward, and when we reach this turn, we’re going to fold back forward back forward and forward, back, and forward.

Ok? So now you notice over here that and looks like this.

YAY! So here are your book pages.

The first thing you’re going to notice is that over here – this first page over here, has two layers to it, so this is what we want to accomplish over here, for example, has 2 sets of 2 layers, so there are 4 in total and it’s kind of stuck over here and it needs to be cut.

So you’re going find all the parts that have a part that needs to be cut and actually I’m going to zoom in a little bit so you guys can see better and you’re going to spread it out like this and then you’re going to cut from the bottom up but you’re not going to cut all the way through it because then these two parts will just separate.

So, you’re just going to take a pair of scissors, If can get it in there.

and you’re going to cut up and leave about 0.

5 centimeter from the top see that? So you’re going to fold it back to the way that it was, which is like this, and then you’re going to check the pages again.

So this page over here is looking good because there are two layers this, over here appears to be stuck together, like that, so you’re going to spread it out, like this, again and then you’re going to cut from the bottom up and leave about 0.

25 cm from the top so that it looks like this.

Then you’re going to fold it back together and check the pages once more.

So this one over here appears to be stuck as well.

so we’re going to spread it out, and then we’re going to cut from the bottom upwards leaving a little bit of space at the top then we’re going to fold everything back together so after you’re done cutting everything, you should have eight pages on this side now this side is going to be facing outwards and this side is going to be facing in alright, so then you’re going to take your scrapbook paper and you’re going to fold it in half like this Now I kind of like to have the corners rounded because I think it looks a little cuter so I’m going to go ahead and round the corners very quickly just like that do the same thing at the other end so now it looks like this and now we’re going to look at our book again, and again, we want this side over here to be facing out, so I’m going to openup the book slip it in, now this is the part where you decide how you want to bind the boo.

I’m going to bind it easily with a stapler but you guys can choose to sew it with a needle and thread or with a sewing machine.

So now you’re done with your book it should look like this.

You have eight pages.

Now you can take it a step further, and cut each one a these pages in half, if you wanted to.

See that? All you have to do is stick your pair of scissors in here, and cut them in half, and now you will have 16 pages, as opposed to 8 but I am just going to keep it at eight pages and yeah, thank you so much for watching this tutorial.

I hope you guys enjoy this.

I think these notebooks are super cute, and they’re great for back to school or just – you know – jotting down little mini notes and putting them into your purse so yeah I hope you guys have a great day and I will see you next time bye!

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