Valentines Day Crafts for Kids 2017

Here is a wonderful Valentines day crafts for kids of any age. From toddlers to  preschoolers! I seem to have gotten behind.  I haven’t posted any new crafts since the beginning of the year, and I apologize.  But I’ll also take the opportunity to admit that even people who enjoy doing crafts, who rank arts & […]

Pokémon Origami How to Make Pikachu Pokémon Go

Hello and today I’m going to show you how to make this simple Origami Pikachu. But before we begin, be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you’ll like to see next. And let’s jump right in! To make this very simple Origami Pikachu, you’re going to need a square sheet of paper. […]

Our New Book Folding Pattern

We just released our very first book folding pattern for everyone who purchases to enjoy. This truly is a beautiful pattern that we tested. This is a great pattern to start with if you are new to book folding and even if you are not we think you will still enjoy it! This pattern when […]