Book Folding Tutorial Guide – How to turn your pattern into Art.

Hey there this is lesson one of our book folding course and in this lesson we’re going to be looking at parts of the book. Now we’re really not concerned with too much technical detail here we’re just going to be looking at parts required for book folding. First we have the dust jacket and the dust jacket is what protects the book and I usually keep it on to protect it until I’m done folding. But we will remove it for now so we can look at the rest of the parts of the book. First start with a hardback book (the best to use). With it we have the cover and we have the spine and then we open it and look at the book we have the pages. You will be measuring the height of the pages and marking the outer most of them.

As we work through the pattern you will see two measurements. The first one is the top measurement you make. And the second one is the bottom measurement you make. So you will be taking 2 measurements and making two marks and making two folds.

But first a little more about book selection.

Now in part two were looking at using our book. But first to make sure that the book is in good condition with no writing or unsightly marks on the edges. You know sometimes they can be stamped on or written on. Just make sure those edges are nice and clean and most importantly make sure that the spine is nice and stable. If it’s broken at all it will be very difficult to make the book work so avoid this too. When you start working you will want to take your time and have patience. I suggest listening to some music or audio book. And for sure make sure to have your pattern in front of you easily accessible at all times.

And this is part three of my book folding pattern course. In this lesson we’re going to be looking at the equipment we need and basically all we need to get started is a ruler a book and pencil. I suggest a mechanical pencil as it is easy to adjust your lead height and you don’t have to stop and sharpen. A sharp point on your pencil is VERY important. You will see other guides on the web that use scissors and other tools. But you don’t need that with this pattern (and for most of our patterns).

In this next part we are going to talk about making your marks a little more in detail. Ok so you will basically be either using measurements in centimeters or inches. I prefer inches and most of our patterns will be in inches unless otherwise requested. To explain marking you don’t need to complicate things. All our patterns will look like this example:

Page     Top Fold     Bottom Fold


10         3.9            4.9


12         3.6            5.2

14         3.4            5.4

16         3.2            5.6

18         3.0            5.8

20         2.9            5.9

The pattern is read across. So as an example you will start on page 10 of the book making your first marks. The first mark from the example above is 3.9 inches. And the second mark is 4.9 inches.

What this means is you will line your ruler up at the top of page 10. You will measure down to 3.9 inches and make a little mark close to the edge of the page with your pencil. You will then do this again on the page with mark number 2. Which in the example above is 4.9. During both of these measurements you leave your ruler in the same position like explained above.

Then you go to page 12 like in the example and do the same thing.

This part is talking about marking.

Stay tuned till our next update and we will get into folding. Along with adding some videos with examples for you too!

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5 years ago

I just started this art and have been looking for good book folding instructions. Thank you for helping me. Also, are you going to be releasing any free patterns soon? I would love it. Let me know if so.