Easy DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

hey guys! here are some awesome diy crafts for kids for the Holidays!

and today I’m going to give you three ideas for a last-minute christmas craft.

so if you are looking for a last minute christmas craft then keep watching.

first, is grocery bags.

if you have any of those paper grocery bags they are great to decorate.

you can use this to write Merry Christmas, put on stickers, use markers and color glitter.

the options are endless.

but decorate a paper bag and then take your paper bags to a local food pantry because they are always looking for paper bags to send the groceries home with the people who visit the food pantry.

and most people love getting a hand decorated bag from a child.

second idea for a last-minute christmas craft is using q-tips.

q-tips and yellow paint or yellow markers and possibly glitter.

everybody has q-tips laying around.

you can get the standard white ones.

i will post a picture somewhere over here showing what this looks like but you put the q-tips together and tie them off either with a string or a pipe cleaner or glue would be best.

but have your kids color the q-tips with a yellow marker then you can use glue and dip the ends of the q-tips into glitter.

or you can use yellow paint.

and in the end you have a Christmas star.

and this could lead you into telling the Christmas story.

A third last minute christmas craft idea is using canned goods.

If you have any can vegetables or cans of any kind in your house you can pick out cans to represent the different characters of the Nativity.

A Mary, a Joseph, baby Jesus.

You can have sheep.

You can have wise men.

You have angels.

And then you’re going to want to either have scraps of fabric or construction paper.

different colors of construction paper.

and you can use scrapes of fabric or construction paper to create colors around your can.

So maybe you do blue around the can for Mary, maybe baby Jesus is wrapped in white, and the spice containers are really good because they’re smaller for a baby Jesus in a canned goods manger nativity sets.

And so i will post an example over here of what a canned goods nativity set could possibly look like.

then this could lead you into telling the Christmas story using your canned goods.


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