How to Make a Handmade Book – Easy DIY

Hello there Book Folders! So I figure we would bring you some more DIY book crafts since re-purposing and making stuff is what we like and do!

So in this tutorial, I’m making one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. handmade books.

I’ll show you how to make them yourselves and- no special tools are required.


And here are the supplies you will need for this project: some acrylic paints- I am using Americana’s Multi surface satin acrylic paints, you will need some different scrap booking papers, these are 6 by 6 inches in size.

I also have three cards that I want to use for the cover of the books.

We will be making 3 different books out of these.

You will also need a pair of scissors, a hole punch, some twine and a stack of white card stock sheets, also trimmed to 6 by 6 inches.

Finally you will need a Decoupage glue, painters tape and some chipboard or card board sheets forthe book covers.

You will need two chip boards per book.

First step is to paint! I am using two shades of paint per book, and we will start with the lighter peach colored one here.

I am squirting the paint directly on to the chipboard and spreading it with a dry paintbrush.

You don’t want to add any water,water will make the chipboard warp.

This is the first time I am using these particular paints, and I found the paint to be really thick and nice and I needed only one coat to cover the front of the book.

For the next book, I am using two blue colors and am first painting the entire piece with the lighter color.

Now, each of these chipboard pieces measures 6 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches to accommodate the 6 by 6 inch pages neatly.

For the third book, I am using two green shades of paint and repeating the same process.

So now we have 6 chipboard pieces all painted.

After the paint has dried, which is about 10 minutes, place a painters tape (its also called masking tape) along the diagonal of the front of the book and press down gently.

Now apply the darker paint shade to one side only to create a triangle area.

Peel of painters tape gently while the paint is still wet.

Do the same process to the other two book fronts.

Flip the chipboard over and now it’s time to punch out some holes for the binding.

Place your ruler on the edge about a 1/4 inch in.

Center the inch markings on your ruler to be on the center of the book.

This will leave 3/4 inches on either ends and give you 6 holes- by marking at every inch.

Now using a 1/4 inch hole punch, punch out holes at every marking.

For the next ones, you don’t need to measure with the ruler again, simply place the earlier one on top and use those punched holes as a guide to punch holes on the chipboard beneath.

Remember to empty out punch every now and then.

It’s like a confetti shower on your craft mat.

Similarly, punch out holes on all of your patterned scrap-booking papers and the white card stock.

You will find that you can easily punch 3 to 4 papers at once and speed up the process.

Now comes the fun part- decorating our book front.

Using a decoupage medium, glue the card onto the painted chipboard.

These are actually Project Life cards that are used in pocket scrap booking and I seem to have built a collection of these cards for myself so I am trying to find ways to use them elsewhere.

I thought that they would look pretty on these books.

After gluing the card down, paint a generous layer of the decoupage medium all over the book front.

This will ensure that the card becomes a true part of the cover and wont ever peel off.

And this decoupage glue has a matte finish and looks really neat when it dries.

I let all of the book fronts dry overnight.

Now, lets build a book.

Arrange an assortment of white and patterned papers to make the inside of your book.

Place your book cover on top and and the back at the bottom.

Instead of choosing matching colors for the front and back, choose contrasting colors instead to make them look more modern.

Now gather your twine and a pair of scissors.

Measure out at least three times the length of the book in twine and cut.

Insert the twine through the first punched hole making sure it goes through all of the pages and both covers.

Leave about 4 inches on the other side, loop it back through the hole- and tighten.

The first loop might make you think your book is a bit wonky, but don’t worry the book will come together beautifully in just a bit.

Loop back through the first hole once more and then tie a double knot.

Now we have only one working end of the twine,and go ahead and insert it into the second hole.

Loop back through the second hole once,and tighten.

Now forge ahead to the third hole and continue similarly till we reach the last hole.

Here you want to loop back into the hole an extra time and tie off with a knot.

And viola! You have made your very own handmade book.

Now using the same decoupage glue, secure the knots at either end by applying a small amount of the glue onto the knot and let it dry over night again.

And yes, I am using my fingers here- but use a paint brush instead please.

Unless of course you like getting your fingers sticky with glue.

Trim off the excess twine and the ends the next day to finish off your book! Here is a tip- if you cant find twine like the one I used here- which is kinda firm and easy to book bind with, use a regular needle with some embroidery floss.

Or if you don’t want to use a needle, wrap some cellophane or clear tape around the edge of the twine and trim.

This will make the edge stiff and easy to thread through all of the pages.

And here is a look at the finished books!I love how the white binding contrasts against the colors and truly I just love any hand-bound book period.

And I like making things in multiples- since I already have all the supplies out.

I couldn’t just make one and so I made three books.

So, I hope you give this technique a try. And hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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