How to make a Origami Christmas Tree

Hello, today, I’m going to show you how to make a Christmas Tree in 3 dimensions, with a single sheet of paper.

To fold this 3D Christmas tree, you will need one piece of paper.

For this model, I like to use plain copy paper.

So I’m just going to fold one diagonal.

So that I can cut out a square.

From my piece of paper.

And for this model, the square does not have to be perfect.

So don’t worry too much about it.

You can use a paper cutter like this one, or just use scissors.

Once you have one diagonal Bring one edge to the diagonal.

Almost all the way.

So pay close attention to the tip.

Because that’s what will show.

And I’m bringing it almost to the diagonal.

So that I can fold it like this easily.

Then fold once more like this.

And we are going to have our Christmas Tree on this way.

So here I have my corner.

I’m going to fold a little bit above.

And you need to make it like this.

Here is the shape of the Christmas tree.

Mark the fold well.

Then I’m going to fold back.

And there is no precise location for this fold.

You can fold at different positions, and you will get different trees.

Mark the fold.

And we are going to fold again Same thing : no precise location.

Just experiment and make many trees.

What you want to do is make sure that this is equal to this.

So that this is parallel to this.

And then I’m going to do a few more folds.

What I like to do is to have this equal to the next fold.


And here.

Mark the fold well.

And fold back again.

So you can do as many folds as you want, I’m going to do one more.

And the last fold.

Then once you have that, you can unfold.

Open up the model.

Now we are going to refold and invert some folds.

So I’m going to invert this fold.

And here, we fold all the way.

And we are going to fold again this fold.

And same thing, let’s go all the way.

Then, for the next fold, fold again.

And mark the fold all the way.

And leave the last one as-is.

So if this goes higher than the fold under Just fold it back a little bit.

And now we are going to mark all those folds.

The first one is going to be a mountain fold.

We need to invert this one.

Mark the fold again.

And this one needs to be inverted too.

And then here, I’m going to make a valley fold.

So mark again the fold to make a valley fold.

Of course if you find it easier, you can just turn the model and make mountain folds.

Mountain, and mountain And we are going to continue like this.

So one mountain, one valley, one mountain, one valley.

So all the folds are there, you just need to mark them again.

And invert one fold out of two.

So this is a rather easy and quick Christmas tree model.

There is only one single sheet of paper.

For a lot of 3D Christmas trees A lot of them are modular origami so you need a lot of pieces of paper, usually of different sizes.

OK, so this is what you should get.

And once you have that We are going to fold back Those first folds that we did in the beginning.

And this is going to look like this.

So this is going to be inside.

Fold this again.

So our tree is going to be shaped like this.

And what we want to do is to insert this inside So we start at the top Put this inside and then go down.

Try to insert things.

It may be difficult at first, don’t worry.

You have all the time in the world.

Try to do at the top first and then go down.

And once it is like this, you can just push it.

All the way.

To make your tree.

So this is what it should look like.

At this point You can fold again this last fold inside To lock the tree.

And you get a kind of pyramid.

So you can leave it like this.

It makes a nice pyramid tree.

Or what you can do is to fold like this in two each side.

So I’m just marking a valley fold in the middle.

And once you have done this on one side.

You can just open it.

Mark it on the other side.

And one last time, as we have 3 sides.

So you get another kind of pyramid or tree.

And now what we are going to do is to open those layers here.

So you can put your finger inside the pocket.

And we are going to make a fold like this.

Fold at the top.

The two sides.

Like this.

And once you have started the fold You can just Close it like this to mark the fold all the way.

In the center.

And now we have our fold in the middle.

We are going to do the same thing with those two layers.

So, open.

Mark the fold at the top on the left.

At the top on the right.

Put your finger inside.

And you can just close the model.

To mark the fold.

And we then do the same thing on the last layer.

So of course, here I made 3 layers, but you can make only 2 layers, or you can try to make many more layers.

Depending on the size of the paper you have.

And of course the next step is to repeat what we did on this side, and on the other side as well.

Open a little bit.

Mark the fold at the top.

On the two sides.

And after that, you can just close the model.

Same thing for this one.

I’ll do the one on top as well.

And then just close.

And we have one last side of our tree.

So mark at the top.

On the two sides.

And actually you don’t have to mark the fold completely and make it very geometric like this.

What you can do is to leave it a little bit round like this.

Without marking the fold.

I’m going to do it on the 3 layers to show you what it looks like.

So you can make a very round shaped tree like this.

But since we made a very angular tree on the other sides.

I’m going to finish it.

In an angular way, so to do that I’m just going to close the model.

And we are done! You can open up your tree again.

If you want you can open it a little bit more.

And your tree is complete.

And of course it can stand very easily.

I hope you will like this 3D Christmas tree.

If you fold this Christmas tree please post a picture here.

Thank you very much, happy folding, and happy holidays! :-).

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