Valentines Day Crafts for Kids 2017

Here is a wonderful Valentines day crafts for kids of any age. From toddlers to  preschoolers!

I seem to have gotten behind.  I haven’t posted any new crafts since the beginning of the year, and I apologize.  But I’ll also take the opportunity to admit that even people who enjoy doing crafts, who rank arts & crafts projects at the top of the list of things to do with kids, sometimes get busy.

It’s not that my kids haven’t had a crayon or a pair of scissors in their hands, but it’s more like we just don’t have an new techniques or snazzy products to show for it.  I had all these visions of adorable Valentine’s day projects for everyone–friends, classmates, grandparents, teachers.  But we’ve only managed to do a couple of them so far.

So for all of you who are too busy to make elaborate valentines, here are some really simple things you can do.  And most of them require very little of your time or materials.  Just get the kids started, and encourage them to keep thinking artfully…

1. Cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardstock or cardboard.  Feel free to use a cereal box or other recycled cardboard, because it’s not going to show when you’re finished.  Make the heart as big as you can.  Now give your kids glitter glue, sequins, buttons, paint, whatever you have in your craft cabinet. Tell them to think about someone they love, and decorate this heart for them.  See what happens.

2. Take 5 pieces of computer paper or construction paper.  Staple them together at one edge to make a book.  Tell your child to illustrate a “Love Book”.  Ask them to think about people they love and draw or write about them…whatever they can think of.  You’ll surely have a book worth keeping.

3.  Give your child a piece of paper, as big as you have available.  Give them crayons or markers or both.  Ask them who or what they love.  Tell them to draw as much love as they can.  Have your child sign and date it.  Maybe you’ll do this again next year and start a book that will be a record of what made your child think of love each year.

4. Find some red and pink paper.  Whole pieces, scraps, even magazine ads, etc. are all fine, keeping with the red & pink theme.  Let your child cut shapes from these papers and glue them onto another page to make a collage.  Tell them to keep adding more (this will help teach them that projects can sometimes be fun if you keep working on them) until they have a jam-packed red & pink collage.  Think about cutting out a small rectangle and letting them write their name or “I Love You” or a short note to their valentine.  Glue this piece on the corner of the collage.  Now you have a frame-worthy piece of art for a special valentine.


We hope you enjoyed this how-to guide.

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